8 Ways To Keep Focused While On A Debt Free Journey

I must admit, at times I have felt that my goal of achieving financial freedom has looked a little grim. In fact, the thought of quitting my debt free journey altogether has crossed my mind…more than once. Regardless of how you feel during your own quest to seeking a debt free life, you should always be prepared for the mental battles that may cause you to lose focus.

Here are some ideas to help you keep focused while on a debt free journey.

1) Get Mad At Debt

Debt is dumb, simply put. Nothing good ever comes out of having a massive amount of debt. So why keep it around?

Similar to an annoying little fruit fly, debt won’t ever go away unless you get mad and do something about it! The more it sticks around, the more you feel it necessary to kick it out of your life forever.

Getting mad at debt has helped me to remain focused on eliminating it from my life for good.

2) Find Support/Accountability Partner

One thing I have noticed since starting this journey is that some people will tease you, and others will support you.

Stick with those that support you.

I am not suggesting you “unfriend” those who couldn’t care less about your journey, nor am I saying that you should alienate yourself from those who try to convince you that your journey is not necessary.

What I am saying is that you should remain close with those that support your passion and cheer for you along the way. Having the support of my husband keeps me extremely focused, especially since we are in this together.

Also, having a debt free accountability partner is also very beneficial. Since voicing my passion, I have realized that I have many friends who are already debt free or very well on their way.

Establishing such support can help you maintain your financial goals.

3) Connect With Other Debt Free Journeyers

Although you may have support from those around you in your everyday life, try connecting with like-minded people online. Reaching out to those in the debt free community on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook can help you out tremendously.

You can also start listening to podcasts that focus on saving money or follow personal finance bloggers. I follow many personal finance bloggers who continue to encourage me through their weekly posts.

Taking on someone else’s perspective on how to become debt free can motivate you throughout your journey.

4) Create Goals & Crush Them

Creating goals, whether long term or short term, can give you that extra push you need when you feel like giving up.

One goal that I have created in the past was to “pay off my student loans by May of 2017”. So of course when I submitted my last student loan payment in February (three months earlier than expected), I was elated.

Creating goals gives you more incentive to keep going and perhaps allows you to fulfill them much sooner.

5) Listen to Debt Free Screams

I agree with a lot of what Dave Ramsey has to say in terms of how to reach financial freedom.

If you do not like his stance on how to handle your finances, at least watch or listen to his radio show segment, →Debt Free Screams. They are extremely motivating.

Every so often I watch these segments as a little pick me up when I feel my journey has slowed down some.

6) Keep a Budget

In one of my previous posts, I showed you how to create a budget. Did you find it helpful? I believe that having a budget can teach you how to control and prioritize your finances, especially if your main goal is to pay off debt.

At the end of the month, when I see I have not exceeded any of my budgets, I know I am doing something right! Don’t get me wrong, there have been several times when I have gone over my budgets.

What I love most about having a budget is that it keeps me in line with my spending, taking me one step closer to reaching my goal.

7) Give Yourself Rewards

Rewards in exchange for accomplishments can keep you motivated during your personal debt free journey. Obviously, you want to keep these rewards within reason.

Try giving yourself rewards for your short term goals (like paying off a $300 credit card balance) and even your long term goals (such as paying off your $60,000 student loan debt). Knowing that you have something waiting for you at the end of each goal gives you a reason to keep going.

Once J and I pay off all of our debt (not including our home), we plan to take a very nice and long vacation…paying cash for it, of course. Which brings me to the next way that can help you keep focused during your debt free journey.

8) Enjoy Life

I have had numerous people tell me that they would prefer to enjoy life now while they are young, rather than to worry about paying off their debts. I have also had people tell me that they may die tomorrow, so they choose to enjoy life today and travel.  Hmmm.

What does it mean to “enjoy life?”

For me, enjoying life does not only mean going on lavish vacations or spending money. Making memories, creating lasting relationships, and traditions are all ways you can choose to “enjoy life”.

Don’t forego vacations and shopping altogether now, just don’t vacation or shop on credit.

You can certainly enjoy life, as long as it does not take you further into debt or keep you from getting out of debt.

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What Are Some Ways That Help Keep You Focused During A Debt Free Journey?


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Danielle @ The Pennies We Saved

Danielle @ The Pennies We Saved

Thanks for stopping by! I recently transitioned from working full-time to part-time in order to stay at home and raise my young daughter (daycare is expensive!). Despite the changes in our household income, my husband, J, and I continue to flourish in paying of our debts and are now nearing the end of our journey!
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About Danielle @ The Pennies We Saved

Thanks for stopping by! I recently transitioned from working full-time to part-time in order to stay at home and raise my young daughter (daycare is expensive!). Despite the changes in our household income, my husband, J, and I continue to flourish in paying of our debts and are now nearing the end of our journey!

11 thoughts on “8 Ways To Keep Focused While On A Debt Free Journey

  1. Hey Danielle! Totally agree that fellow financial bloggers have been extra encouragement along the way. I also agree that goals are a *must* if you really want to stay engaged.

    My wife and I changed our entire perspective when we started making goals. And we frequently changed our goals to be even more aggressive, as it encouraged us even more. Without goals, we would be paying student loans off until 2029…instead we made our last payment in February 2016.

    Congrats on paying off the student loans early!

  2. Absolutely! Goals are a definite thing to have when on a debt free journey…without them you’re almost likely to give up. Congrats to you as well for paying off your SL debt early! Such a relief!

  3. Hey! These are good tips on how to stay focused. My husband and I are out of debt except for our house. My favorite tip to stay focused was making goals. I would sometimes even make them “hard” just to see if we could beat the deadline and there were times that we were able to do so! My husband’s favorite thing to stay focused is listening to Dave Ramsey’s Debt Free Screams. Even after we pay off our house (one day) I don’t think he’ll stop listening to the Debt Free Screams. Haha. They’re definitely good motivation to stay out of debt. We also enjoy listening to the Millionaire Hour.

  4. I love that you make your goals “hard” goals! I should challenge myself a bit and do the same! Congrats on being debt free and working toward paying off your house! Amazing!

  5. Thanks! We’re not quite working on paying off the house yet since we’re updating our house, but hopefully we’ll get there sooner than later. And yes I would definitely suggest that you challenge yourself when it comes to your goals.

  6. Joining the blogging community has definitely helped me stay focused since I don’t have a lot of support from my friends and family who think debt is normal and that I’m crazy for trying to be debt free. Great post to read when I’m feeling unmotivated!

  7. “Debt is dumb” may be one of my favorite quotes! I wish people would understand that buying expensive things they can’t afford doesn’t make them cool or popular. It makes them broke.

    Another great post!

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