My name is Danielle, part-time working mom and wife to this awesome guy named Jonathan (he goes by J), he’s a business systems analyst. We are thirty somethings living in Minnesota (frugally, I might add).  

Here is the best thing that has ever happened to us, our daughter. Setting a financial legacy for her is all that matters to us at this point in our lives. Having her has pushed us even more to focus on eliminating our debt.

Back in May of 2015, we decided it was time to do something about the debts hanging over our heads. Our debt consisted of student loans, a bit of medical expenses, and car payments.

Just over $70,000, to be transparent with you. 

That number may come as a shock to those who know us personally because apparently, we had tons of money. Well, surprise! We don’t! Ha. Anyhow, we want nothing more than to live financially free and paying off this debt is the only way we can achieve that.

The good news is that we recently managed to pay off a little over $40,000.00 while cash flowing A LOT of other expenses → mainly home renovations. 

No borrowing or withdrawing from our retirement! That is right! We earned it, saved it, and applied the cash to the debt ourselves. And it took us less than two years to accomplish! 

If we could do it, so can you! The method we used to achieve this really helped save our financial lives. You can read more about that → here.

Our Goals

J and I have set up some pretty awesome goals for ourselves. We fully intend to pay off all of our debt (except for our house) by 12/2017. Followed by actually paying off our house before we turn 40. Then, brace yourselves for this one, we would like retire by the age of 50 (definitely not 65).

That assessment will come later on down the road. Although, I happen to believe that it is totally doable at the rate we are going.


If you are a fellow Generation Y’er (aka, a Millennial), have a growing family, or planning to start one soon, The Pennies We Saved is definitely for you! I want to encourage you with tips and ideas on how to save your money, make more money, and start making smart financial decisions. All while embarking on your personal debt free journey!

Talking money does not have to be taboo…we have somehow placed this topic into that category, so let’s change that.


Keep in mind that your debt free journey is specific to you and is not going to be easy. It will, however, be well worth it in the end. So let’s conquer debt and seek financial freedom together!

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share our journey with you!

The Pennies We Saved

-Learn how to save your pennies and climb your way out of debt!!